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Popular Custom Home Improvements in 2022

Updated: May 15

Custom home building service is on trend in 2023 and got a big boost in 2022. A custom home building service offers unique solutions to improve your home based on your lifestyle. A custom home building service is a great solution for any homeowner who wants to make improvements that will customize their home to their needs. Here are some custom home improvements that topped the list for 2022.

1. Bathrooms

According to Statista, home improvements are set to move past $205 billion for 2023. Quite of few of those dollars will be spent on bathrooms. In 2022, the bathroom was one of the most popular customized rooms in a home. Bathrooms are viewed by many homeowners as intimate spaces they want to customize to fit their specific vision. Custom features are big in bathrooms, and rightfully so. Who doesn't want a spa-like bathroom?

2. Multifunctional Kitchens

Kitchen improvements to make the kitchen a multifunctional family gathering spot were also a big trend in 2022 that will continue. A multifunctional kitchen offers flexible living space. Flexible space encourages families to spend more time together. These rooms can include areas for lounging, desk work, and more. Kitchens are the heart of the home, so with the right customizations, the kitchen becomes the room everyone wants to be in. Customizing it to fit your family's lifestyle better is an easy choice to make.

3. Other Custom Features

Home improvement trends have been focused on individual needs. Homeowners want homes that are best suited to their family's needs. In other words, the rules have changed when it comes to home improvement. More people are choosing to customize while they improve their property. Custom storage, custom windows, doors, adding walls, removing walls, and more have all been very popular improvements.

Custom features play a large role in homeowners' decision-making when it comes to how they will improve their homes. Whether the improvements were aesthetic or practical, homeowners are opting for customizations for their specific needs. Customizations were the most popular home improvement.

A custom home building service can help you have a home that supports your lifestyle. Make the call today to learn more about customizations from Affordable Stick Built Homes. We can turn your home dreams into a reality with our services.

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